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[Ltib] Questions regarding Usage Scenarios

From: Robert S. Grimes
Subject: [Ltib] Questions regarding Usage Scenarios
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 21:20:38 -0500


We have designed a board for a Freescale Coldfire MCF5329 micro, and the
hardware design was based on the Freescale/LogicPD evaluation board; the
goal was to minimize changes necessary to run uClinux from the patches
provided in an AppNote.  This effort started in January 2007, before I
had heard of LTIB.

Now we want to update the kernel (from the 1/31/2007 uClinux) and use
more packages (specifically, Nano-X/Microwindows), so it seems a good
time to consider LTIB.  The goal is to create an ISO image of the new
BSP for the client's board (which, by the way, is embedded in their
instrument product line, and not sold separately - hence, the BSP is for
their internal use).

All that being said, I'm not sure if I fully understand how to do this,
but let me ask the questions I have, and see where the answers may

1. I got an ISO image from Freescale for their eval board, and it
largely works (as expected).  Should I start from that, or should I work
from Savannah CVS?  Pros and cons?

2. The ultimate goal is to a stable BSP, with occasional updates due to
new custom features, updated external packages, new kernels, etc.  We
would want to manage our customizations using our Subversion repository,
and occasionally make ISO images for archival purpose (e.g. formal
releases).  Is this a good approach (i.e. revision control of only
changes (patches), along with some identification of package versions,

3. Also with respect to the last scenario, does/can an ISO image include
all source packages (i.e. tarballs) for all packages included in a

>From what I've read in the FAQ list and from my experiments, it seems my
proposed approach is feasible, but I'm not convinced I fully understand
the terminology, nor the inner workings, such that I lack the confidence
to commit down this path without some guidance or reassurance...


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