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LYNX-DEV Re development vs. programming

From: Daniel Strychalski
Subject: LYNX-DEV Re development vs. programming
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 20:24:23 +0800 (CST)

Drazen Kacar (address@hidden) wrote --

> Now I need a clarification. Lynx runs on Unix and VMS. Both systems are
  supposed to have administrators. When I use the word 'installed' that
  means I made Lynx available to 8000 users. I'd use 'compiled' if it was
  on my private Linux (or whatever). Are you sure there is a large base
  of people who are not admins and who are trying to compile Lynx?

I'm very base, but I'm not large. I am not an admin and not any kind of
technician. The admins put 2.3 Beta on our old system and nothing on our
current system, so I copied 2.3B to my new home directory during the
transition (copied Gopher, too, but it didn't work) and later got the
2.4.2 binary. If I MENTION Lynx, the head admin makes clawing motions
("Windows is gonna getcha") and tells me to join the 'scapists....

The old distribution notes talked of installing Lynx (that is,
uncompressing the binary) in one's home directory; evidently SOMEBODY
thought this might be necessary for some people. Please, PLEASE make
binaries available.

Dan Strychalski   address@hidden
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