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Re: LYNX-DEV multiple bookmark support and popup/radion_button in 'o'pti

From: Filip M Gieszczykiewicz
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV multiple bookmark support and popup/radion_button in 'o'ptions. 0.09
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 10:41:24 -0600 (CST)

You (Hiram Lester, Jr.) wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Foteos Macrides wrote:
> > 11-26-96
> > * Added multiple bookmark support along the lines of the patch from Filip M.
> >   Gieszczykiewicz (address@hidden), plus numerous enhancements of the
> >   'o'ptions menu and bookmark handling. - FM

Greetings. Eeek.. I forgot to upload the patch for that. So sorry.
It's up to 0.09 and the key fix is line #521 or so, fix up the test to

        if (c == 13)
                if (TLJ_A_subbookmark[0])
                        /* TLJ 11/12/96 - bug nailed right about here... */
                        return(0); /* TLJ - assumes default action on ENTER */
                        return (-1);
        if (c == 7)

        if (c == '=') /* let the rest of this function take over and show the 
menu */

                         10. Changes from 0.07 & 0.08

    1. Fixed a bug where just hitting return/enter when adding bookmarks
       would cause a core dump because of an oversight on my part. That
       is now fixed.

    2. Also fixed a STUPID bug when picking bookmarks it would dump if a
       key out of range was selected... I'm testing this release for
       idiot bugs like that...

    3. New: added a feature such that when you define a new sub-bookmark
       description and filename, the first time you add a bookmark to it,
       lynx will include the description of the sub-bookmark in the title
       of the sub-bookmark file.

> I went to integrate this into the patch set tonight, and already ran
> across a problem.  If you enable multi-bookmark support and then 'v'iew
> bookmarks and when prompted for bookmark file or list (in advanced mode)
> and you just press ENTER, lynx crashes with a signal 11.  This happens on

[imagine my surprise... I was 10+ layers deep in an altavista search!]

> my Linux box, and I'm compiling on the HP right now.  Pressing ENTER
> should probably act the same as pressing A and take you to the default
> bookmark file.  Strange, the HP version just says Bookmark file not
> defined with the same set of keystrokes.  I'm gonna try a make clean and

Problem is array range.. c gets 'A' subtracted from it by c = TOUPPER(c) - 'A'
and then becomes the index for an array... (bonehead bug comes in) 13-'A'
is a negative number... and WHAMO!

> remake on my Linux box just to be sure.  Ok, it still does it.  My
> suspicions would be a comparison to a NULL string.  I found that Linux was
> much more picky about such things than HP-UX:
>   if (strcmp(string,"test"))
> will work fing on HP-UX and will fail if string==NULL, Linux however will
> coredump under the same conditions.  I would look at it, but I need to be
> doing homework. :)
> Also, one other thing that should probably be cleaned up is that the
> second screen of bookmark files when editing the files is shifted one line
> down from the first screen, and it looks slightly awkward when flipping
> back and forth between screens.

Geez :-) I thought I'd get away with that. You know, I wrote it and I
can't track it down (why it happens). I think the part that decides
how many lines to show per screen has some int-division problems.

It's really noticable when you have a 9 row display (I tried), first screen
has 3 entries, second and on ONLY 2...  Shoot me! :-)

Take care.
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