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Re: LYNX-DEV devel code / fotemods core dumps

From: Bill Schiavo
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV devel code / fotemods core dumps
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 00:30:57 -0400 (EDT)

Hello everyone.  For just a moment, I thought I was doing something wrong
with the build of lynx but I see that this is not the case.  I also
receive core dumps when I exit the program.  I first noticed the problem
with the development code at version 2.7.1ac0.12 and also with just about
all of the Fote binaries.  Along with the core dump, I get an error
message that says "IOT Trap/abort" Lynx now exiting with signal 11.  

I can get a core dump by going to, and after the
document finishes loading, just quit.  
I am running Lynx on Linux version 2.0.29.


On Thu, 1 May 1997, Klaus Weide wrote:

> Two people have reported core dumps occuring with the latest devel code.
> Hynek Med seems to get them on linux since 2.7.1ac-0.12, in a reliable
> manner, Wayne also reported one (I assume it is the same problem).  These
> occur only on exit of Lynx, and seem to be dependent on what sites one has
> visited and other browsing history.
> I thought this was a problem with the devel code, but now I got one also,
> running a fotemods binary on solaris.  A gdb `where' on the core file
> shows that a HTList_delete() called from LYLynxMaps_free() caused the
> exception.
> Hynek did a trace of that function and found that the last element 
> of LynxMaps was corrupted.  A pointer that should have been NULL
> (to signal end of the list) was not NULL.  I have tried to reproduce
> that, but so far failed.
> i looked at LYMap.c long and couldn't see anything wrong there.
> Apparently some other module is causing memory corruption.
> I have a suspicion that that other module is LYCookie.c (never liked
> them...), this is just a hunch based on showing that that is the next
> thing in memory as shown by `nm'.  I'm not familiar with the cookie
> code, but a look showed two things that seem wrong:
> - in LYCookieJar_free, this `if (co)' line seems in the wrong place,
>   it seems it will always give FALSE
>             while (cl) {
>                 next = cl->next;
>                 if (co) {
>                     co = cl->object;
>                     HTList_removeObject(de->cookie_list, co);
> - store_cookie() has the following, this `cookie_list' may never get FREEd
>   for the `dump_output_immediately' case.  (But I may be wrong.)
>     if (dump_output_immediately) { /* Non-interactive, can't respond */
>         if (cookie_list == NULL)
>             cookie_list = HTList_new();
> I cannot see how these two things could cause memory corruption (instead
> of just unFREEd memory).  But there may be other things wrong in that
> file.  Could someone more familiar with the cookie code please have
> another look at it?
>   Klaus
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