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From: Foteos Macrides
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 16:51:54 -0500 (EST)

Laura Eaves <address@hidden> wrote:
>I tried my assumptions on ac-0.23 and when NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS is set,
>the numbers indeed act like arrows, thus making the number-based commands
>(123, 123g, 123p) inaccessible in this mode.

        But you quoted Klaus' quoting of my FOTEMODS entry, which is
inappropriate and misleading for the devel code because Klaus did not
include my mods to allow use of the so-called 123, 123g, 123p features
in NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS mode.  My update posts included a statement that I
had added this ability, and how to access it.  If you didn't read that,
or have forgotten it, you could try it in the fotemods update you
previously indicated you had done, before posting misinformation that
will confuse other readers.  

>Also, 123 (no g) still behaves like goto URL, which is backward compatible
>with older lynxes, but not with the current documentation.

        You're misreading the documentation (see below), plus there's
now [1]the vanilla 2.7.1 documentation, [2]the modifications or additions
I've made for fotemods, as I do compulsively as soon as modifications or
new features appear stable, or they might never get described in the
Users Guide, or become the much greater chore of trying to remember what
was done over some appreciable period of time in order to describe it in
the Users Guide.  Also, [3]the devel code has include my updated help
files, but sometimes modifying them where what was done in the devel code
differs, and without updating the help files for other devel code features.
So there's lots of room for confusion unless you make very clear what
documentation you are talking about, and in relation to what code.

        Most importantly, though, please stop posting your mere guesses
about what the fotemods code does, which seem consistently wrong, and are
a source of confusion for other readers.

>If you were planning on changing the behavior, of course, that's another
>matter.  (If a link is invisible, you can't position the current link on it
>before following it -- but if you eliminate invisible links altogether, which
>it seems you have in one of your modes, then it wouldn't matter if you changed

>the semantics of the 123 command.  In fact, it would probably be an

        The documentation you changed was intended to communicate,
perhaps inadequately, that when LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED mode is on, the
7 and 1 keypad and keyboard keys are mapped to those numbers, and
not to HOME and END, as in NUMBER_AS_ARROWS mode, but you can use
^A and ^E as keyboard synonyms for HOME and END -- which is why I
added support for ^A and ^E as keyboard synonyms for HOME and END.

>I don't remember saying anything about the list command.

        Then reread your recent messages.

>The fixes I sent for Lynx_users_guide.html had to do with a typo +
>the claim that ^A and ^E don't work in NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS mode.
>(I tried them and they do work.)

        It does not say that.  Re-read it, and strip the excess
meaning you're adding to it in your mind (which is wrong, like
all your mere guesses thus far about what the fotemods code does).

>Anyway, I was just reviewing the latest diffs.
>If I made any errors, please excuse me.

        The problem, Laura, is that the fotemods and devel code
have reached the point of seemingly irreconcilable differences,
such that the fotemods code can no longer be viewed as a subset
of the overall devel code with stuff I've worked in for use on VMS
and "near-production grade" use on Unix, plus stuff I've added that
will eventually be worked into the devel code by the currently
active developers.  Since you're not actually using the fotemods
code, and just guessing about it rather than reporting actual
problems in it, perhaps it would be less confusing for others
if you restricted your discussion to the devel code exclusively.


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