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Re: LYNX-DEV unworkable ftp URLs

From: Bill Reif
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV unworkable ftp URLs
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 23:45:24 +600

On 1998-01-25 address@hidden said:
   >Cc: address@hidden
   >> ftp://mp3:address@hidden
   >With that URL, I wouldn't expect a very reliable service.  You have
   >someone with no domain name and using a named account, not
   >anonymous ftp. This may well be an unauthorised server; it may well
   >be in violation of site policies on releasing passwords (if you can
   >create a new account to avoid compromising passwords, it should be
   >as easy to create an anonymous ftp server).  The server may well
   >have been shut down by the local computing services department.
   >It's also possible (I'd go as far as saying probable) that the site
   >firewall is blocking incoming ftps to that address.
   >To debug it, you should use a command line ftp program.  Remember
   >that you want to do:
   >then respond mp3 to both user and password prompts.
   >> The result of an attempt is normally that Lynx will give the
   >>"making FTP  request" message and wait for a very long time before
   >>giving the "unable  to access document" message.  This inability
   >effects both the UNIX
   >That would be consistent with a firewall configured to drop ftp
   >packets without returning an ICMP xxx unreachable response.

I guess I don't want the file that bad.  There's a line between 
downloading files made available somewhere and essentially breaking into
someone's system, even if that breakin is with the assistance of a user 
of that system.  This is an URL type I've encountered at several 
sources, though never used successfully.  With my luck, I'd get a 
redialer to get me through the firewall, something unrelated would bring
that system down, and I'd be left holding the bag.  I wonder whether the
page was designed to let those behind the filewall share files.

Bill Reif
Springfield, Illinois

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981

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