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Re: lynx-dev your 2 weeks' window

From: Heather Stern
Subject: Re: lynx-dev your 2 weeks' window
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 10:28:41 -0700 (PDT)

I ate the fortune cookie first, then read what David Woolley wrote:
> > Primary arguments on this seem to relate to whether we should:
> > 1. always keep the source version in cache and render locally, or 
> This is better done with an external cache, which is easy for Unix.

If the browser cannot cache at least the page it is presently showing, so that
display of source doesn't have to hit the open 'net, I consider it broken. The
fact I can work around it (and have, since 2-4-2) doesn't make it acceptible,
it only means I was too lazy to say anything about it.

(Honoring nocache requests is a different thing.)

Claiming that the OS or local UI makes something configurable doesn't give the
app any excuse for missing a basic service.  I've told the mozilla-wishlist the
same thing for misfeatures of theirs.  Reasons:
  * we ship for lots of platforms... what is easy in one may not be in another.
    Where do we UNIX types get off telling the VMS, Mac and Windows people what
    is easy to make their OS do seperately?
  * if an end-user cannot use the app barebones, he or she may never bother to 
    again.  (Willingness to continue using, or try again to use, a 
    usable-but-annoying app will depend on the user's threshold for despair and
    frustration.  I've been told my own threshold is exceedingly high.)

> > > (5) calling up an editor for TEXTAREA : see Archive 980424 :
> > >     this is more controversial due to security,
> > >     but could be subject to the same controls as for anonymous users.
> There are other issues.  Mail is more or less self contained, and
> client side maps can be treated as as separate page, but textarea
> requires content to be fed back to the containing form, and I would
> argue, many people would not like any solution which didn't display
> the content in the context of the rest of the form.  That means it
> will be a dirtier change than was needed for mailto.

In my opinion something is better than nothing.  Our present something is very
crippled, which is why it was brought up at all.  I am willing to accept a
screenblotch [TEXTAREA: name] if will get more complete support for textarea's
freeflow intent.  Your Mileage May Vary -- I already said my threshold for 
annoying features is higher than most.

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