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Re: problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)

From: Gene Collins
Subject: Re: problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 14:31:26 -0400

Hi Karen and Jane.  Lynx32 runs under Windows 95/98/nt.  You won't be
able to get Real Audio access using Lynx386, since there is not a real
audio player for MS-DOS, and lynx386 is a DOS app, not a windows 3.x
application.  This means that it can't use the Windows 3.x winsock which
Real Audio for Windows 3.x requires.  I'd recommend that you upgrade to
Windows 98 and Jaws for Windows, if possible.  The reason that you
aren't getting lynx386 to read directly is that Artic needs to have
macros written for just about every program that is run under it.  On
the other hand, if your machine is anything less than a pentium 133,
installing Windows 98 may not be such a great choice either.  You might
consider switching screen readers and using ASAP.  This will at least
let lynx386 read text automatically when it comes on the screen, or when
you scroll, as well as automatically speaking links when you move over
them with the arrrow keys.  I'm using all three versions of lynx,
lynx386, lynx32, and the Linux version of lynx.  They all have proven to
be most satisfactory browsers.

Gene Collins (address@hidden)

>hi jane, i'll answer what i can.
>On 1999-10-01 address@hidden said:
> ly>On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, karen lewellen wrote:
> ly>> I am a blind user and have used lynx either as a part of delphi,
> ly>>or more  recently as a stand alone driver for a few years
> ly>Do you mean you're now using Lynx32 or Lynx386? Or are you using
> ly>Lynx on a unix shell service that you dial into?
>i have yet to learn what lynx 32 requires.  I am using lynx386, a kit which
>uses v 2.8.1 of lynx.  i am presently runing DOS but am considering
>integrating linux.
> ly>> problem i have had, is not really a problem, just a wish.  many
> ly>>programs  write to the bios, allowing speech to be automatic.  I
> ly>>would love lynx to do  this, saving me the time in using full
> ly>screen commands. I get excellent speech from both Lynx32 and from
> ly>Lynx on my unix shell using asap and a Doubletalk internal speech
> ly>synthesizer.
> ly>Can you say more? What do you mean by "full screen commands?" What
> ly>speech software and hardware do you use for speech?
>i will try and explain.  with some program the speech is writen to the bios,
>allowing for automatic, or almost automatic output.  for example net-tame
>has a function that allows for this.   granted, i can get wonderful speech
>when i use my speech commands, and when i move the cerser keys.  but it will
>not read on its own.  i hope that is more clear.  do you get such speech,
>and if so what programs are you using?  i am new to this list, and as i
>said, still getting a sens of the various personifications of lynx.
>as to hardwhere, i have both a dec-talk express and a readingedge.  i am
>presently using the edge at the moment.  i am runing busines vision/
>wind-vision by artic.
> ly>> on a different note, can lynx deal with real audio?
> ly>Yes. Lynx32 can with a proper plugins/.mailcap file and a proper
> ly>install of Real Audio.
>with direct access or as an off-line decoder?
>There are several tweaks in your autoexec as
> ly>well. Please
>hope this helps some,
>make your own kind of music!
>Karen lewellen, address@hidden
>Net-Tamer V 1.11.2 - Test Drive

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