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lynx-dev JAWS for DOS info? (was Re: problems for blind users)

From: Michael Warner
Subject: lynx-dev JAWS for DOS info? (was Re: problems for blind users)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:55:21 -0700

On or about 11 Oct, 1999, Janina Sajka
<address@hidden> wrote:


> Both the Reading Edge stand alone scanner with built in DEC
> Talk speech, and Business Vision for DOS by Artic Technologies
> are pretty old technology. You do not say what kind of DEC Talk
> you have, or it's firmware revision number. In either case, you
> might want to try running with JAWS for DOS which is now free
> from It works very well with Lynx386 and
> should support even older DEC Talk's quite well.

They don't seem to be pushing the DOS solution on their webpage.
A few minutes poking around didn't turn up any mention, but
I did find <> which is where the file
jdosfree.exe lives, which I assume is the free JAWS for DOS
software.  Does anyone know of a more specific URL for info on
the DOS version?  It would save some frustration for people
looking specifically for DOS.  If someone can supply a good URL,
I'll put it up on a mozilla Open Directory (or whatever they're
calling it) "internet accessibility" page.

Michael Warner

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