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Re: lynx-dev restarting Lynx

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev restarting Lynx
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:08:27 -0600

On Sat, Oct 23, 1999, Michael Warner (address@hidden) said:
| > It is still a PITA to have to go fire off another process though
| > (at least alot moreso than just hiting (say) ^U to turn off the
| > underlining for awhile).
| I haven't used screen, so I don't know whether this is more or
| less a PITA, but...

| To that end, I set up an EXTERNAL for 'http' to start a new lynx
| with a different set of command-line arguments.  Do that, and it
| would just be 'V', '.'. When you're done with the -nounderline,
| 'Q' back to the original lynx.

That's a good suggestion.  I currently only have EXTERNAL rules for
ftp: and mailto:, so I'll try that out for http: ...

OK ... that works nicely,  The only problems I can see (beyond the
actual overhead of starting a new lynx process) are 1) it won't work
if getting to the offending page in question requires a referer from
another page on that site, and 2) if I then start following links in
the new lynx process, when and if I ever get back to the 1st lynx
process, I may well loose/overwrite any cookies that were saved when
I quit the 2nd spun-off lynx.

Ah well ... it looks like a reasonable interim solution to the problem,
until I can come up with a realtime command-toggle for the option.

Why some twits insist on _u_n_d_e_r_l_i_n_i_n_g___e_v_e_r_y_t_h_i_n_g_
on their pages is quite beyond me ... grrrrrrr ...

Thanks ...!


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