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Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???, etc.

From: hsv
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???, etc.
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 12:01:43 -0600

>>>> 20050202 02:32 -0500, Chuck Martin >>>>
Lynx is a web browser.  The defaults should be those that help those
of us who use it as a web browser.  Any other uses are the exception.
Those exceptions can generally be accomodated by a little scripting
using sed/awk/perl/shell/whatever-other-tools-you-may-find-useful.
You write "default", and that implys options, which you here disdain.
It is presumptous to suppose that all Lynx-users hav all those lovely
Unix-kind programs--I hav not.

>>>> 20050202 02:29 -0500, Chuck Martin >>>>
I think it's easier to scan headers if they're the only thing that
starts all the way to the left, and it seems that others agree with
me.  Look at man pages, for one example.
If there are headers to scan!  I seldom see them, and most that I
do serve the purpose of TITLE.  As for "man"-pages, they are based
on the printed form, and there margins are less precious than on
the text-screen.

Not all agree with you, else this matter never would hav arisen.  One
Daniele Baggio raised this matter, and I and another want an option. 

For another example, subscribe to the "This is True" newsletter
(  It's an interesting newsletter you'll probably
enjoy, anyway, and it's free (there's a non-free version for those
who want more stories and no ads), and all news items have a left
justified heading, with the story itself indented three spaces.
No thank you; this email-list takes quite enough time.

I hav saved rendered articles, few, and always deleted the
three leading spaces, because, among other things, after that
many lines it amounts to a goodly amount of disk-space--
no headings but an H1 at the outset.

Newspaper articles hav only a title, the headline, and no inner
headings, and those who in that style write for print will in that
style write their web-pages, too.  Novels often hav no headings; the
"Lord of the Rings" has none, only chapter-divisions.  Often in a book
of poetry the contents hav no names, only division into poem and poem.

Now, too, I suggest the form of the option: the split between even
& odd for heading & text is good, and also that H1 is centered.
Therefore, I suggest in the local option file, or on the
command-line, some this-like thing, maybe not this curt,

        indent  h(eading,)t(ext)

for the case that we now hav, and

        indent  t(ext,)h(eading)

for the case desired by me and two others.  If text is flush to
the left, then no H1 is allowed to reach the left, however long.

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