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Re: [Lynx-dev] Having trouble viewing internationalized (Chinese) websit

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Having trouble viewing internationalized (Chinese) websites with Lynx.
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 12:44:41 +0000 (UTC)

Henry Nelson dixit:

>On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 07:05:30PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> I got the aforementioned page ( to work with GNU Unifont.
>It's very embarassing, but now I can't seem to get utf-8 to work. :(

This might actually be an error on my side, I did 'xterm -fa Unifont'
and assumed it would use GNU Unifont; however, I have both the BDF and
the bitmap-inside-TTF version installed, and, seeing now, the latter
is called UnifontRegular on X-Window. With 'xterm -fa UnifontRegular'
I do not get to see anything at all (maybe Freetype2 doesn't support
bitmap-in-truetype fonts), so I've got to test this under Windows,
which I'll boot later today then.

(Roman Czyborra hosts the “original” GNU Unifont, whereas I have in-
corporated all available patches, including some he has on his site,
into it.)

I believe no one can invent an algorithm. One just happens to hit upon it
when God enlightens him. Or only God invents algorithms, we merely copy them.
If you don't believe in God, just consider God as Nature if you won't deny
existence.              -- Coywolf Qi Hunt

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