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[Monotone-devel] Re: comments on win32 patches

From: Jon Bright
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: comments on win32 patches
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 08:44:35 +0100
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Nathaniel Smith wrote:
- FYI, the easiest way to match up test names and test numbers is by
calling "testsuite -l | grep test_filename".

Ah, fine.  I've killed the numbers.

- our lposix.c is diverging quite a bit from upstream.  Would it be
possible, do you think, to move the "spawn-and-wait" and
"exists-in-path" and "chmod" functionality to platform.hh, and remove
lposix.c (and modemuncher.c, I suppose) altogether?  Would have to add
some glue to to expose the functions to lua, but we already do
that for mkstemp.

(Is lposix.c actually part of upstream? Looking at the LUA site, there are no docs for it)

I guess the functions we need are:

 - exists_in_path() (only for Win32)
 - iswin32() (or getplatform() or similar more generic name)
 - spawn()
 - wait()
 - the new spawn_with_pipes() when it's written.
 - chmod (at least for current use, only needed for Unix)
 - Unfortunately, chmod needs the mode-munching stuff

Are we not going to need any of the other features in the future?

All in all, great work!  I've merged it with my head.

Thanks :-)

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.

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