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Re: [Monotone-devel] summit flag day?

From: Thomas Keller
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] summit flag day?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 13:35:09 +0200
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Lapo Luchini schrieb:
I was thinking... during this past year after the last summit I read many times sentences like "we are waiting to do that until the next flag day"... is there a place those informations are kept?

Not to my knowledge.

Is it now the time to actually suffer that flag day? Or, at least, to plan for it? (maybe a branch?)

We could make a wiki page and and a "plan" what issues we actually want to resolve / implement one and for all at the summit (not a huge "ideas" list, we already have this here [0] - we'd add things which are "realistic" to be implemented in 7 days by about 7 to 8 people and also which these 7 or 8 people are up to implement).

More in general I think its not useful to leave these flag days open until events like the next summit arise. If there is consense that a new feature is ready to get into mainline which improves a couple of long-standing bugs / requests and this feature requires a flag day, we should IMHO just go on and land it. Like Ralf recently said, we're still away from 1.x, so there is no real need to be overcautious.

The little "flag-day" changes that I'd like are probably known to most, but I'll repeat them here:
1. upgrade SHA-1 (or decide that 69 bits of security are
   enough for us, that would be in line with 1024 bit keys too)
2. use principals instead of key names all around
3. upgrade certs signature scheme
4. make the compression algorithm parametric (most obvious choices could be, in order of decreasing speed and size: no compression, lzo, zlib, lzma; lzma is particularly interesting because it's heavy to compress, but very fast on decompression)

Until this isn't your point (3) I'd add the "merge our four basic certs into one" task we're discussing for quite some time as well.



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