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[Nel] Some thoughts about NeL

From: Dim Segebart
Subject: [Nel] Some thoughts about NeL
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 20:34:09 +0100

Ok, after browsing game projects which mentioned on I come to conclusion
what your new game will be really MASSIVELY multi-user with _very_
detailed world(s) running in your
universe. So, I just thinking about possibility of linking worlds, which
is NeL based, similar to WWW -
for example, when player passing the doors of some building on the
street (or any other type of portal, analog of <a href> in HTML)
he just enter the different world, which running on completely different
hardware. I'm sure, you already have such
portals in you project. But I'm afraid, this feature limited by the
nameSpace of single NeL server, am I right ?
I think what mechanism of linking between different worlds similar to
WWW will be a good starting point for
creating Internet2 (why not ? ;))
What's about starting RFC  for WCP (World Communicating Protocol) ?

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