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Re: [Nel] Problems ?

From: Vincent Archer
Subject: Re: [Nel] Problems ?
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:27:39 +0100

According to Dim Segebart:
> What's wrong with this list ?
> I didn't receive my last post, which have been posted three days ago ...
> (((
> And also no posts from other members.

That's a not a particularly weird one, because you're not listed as
a member of the list. I've looked at the logs, and didn't find a record
of your subscription confirmation.

Please note that mailman doesn't let "third party subscriptions" for you;
when you subscribe from the on-line form, mailman sends a message to the
subscribed address asking for a confirmation, to avoid the syndrome of
"let's register Mr X to 10,000 lists to flood his mailbox" (and the less
bothersome 'let's put in a wrong and mispelled address'). Until you have
properly replied to that confirmation message (keep the subject, and cut all
the body), you will NOT receive messages from the list.

Vincent Archer                                         Email: address@hidden

Nevrax France.                              Off on the yellow brick road we go!

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