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RE: [Nel] NeL Build Problems

From: Mike Bresnahan
Subject: RE: [Nel] NeL Build Problems
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 05:08:06 -0800

> > I have downloaded and built STLPort and FreeType 2 without much trouble,
> but
> > I have been unable to build NeL.  When I open the workspace
> file (nel.dsw)
> > with Visual C++ 6.0 SP5 it contains no projects.  What's up with that?
> No project in the nel.dsw??? Too strange, we use it everyday and we have
> project on it.
> Open the nel.dsw in a notepad and look if the link to the .dsp
> are there or
> not.
> Look if the .dsp path/file are good. Don't know what to do more.

Ha!  I think I've found the problem.  The visual studio files are using \n
for line endings instead of CR LF.  This was probably caused by the fact
that I'm using the Cygwin version of cvs.

> > Ideally, I would like to build NeL with Cygwin.  I still want to use the
> > Visual C++ compiler, but I want to use bash, GNU make, etc.
> that come with
> > Cygwin.  Has anyone accomplished this?  It looks like a whole project to
> get
> > it to work.  First off, NeL makes use of autoconf and libtool, and these
> > tools are in a state of flux on Cygwin.  It appears that the
> only working
> > libtool on Cygwin requires autoconf 2.52.  Which version does NeL use?
> We only work on windows with Visual C++ so I don't think it
> compiles well on
> cygwin but if you want to try :) good luck.

Yeah, there are a lot of issues.  I've gotten as far as getting STLPort and
freetype2 to compile on Cygwin using the microsoft compiler.  Interestly, if
you specify CC=cl to configure, libtool uses Microsoft lib to preform
library creation, rather than ar.  I'm clueless how libtool figured this


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