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RE: [Nel] CVS messes up line terminators (CR LF -> NL)

From: Vincent Caron
Subject: RE: [Nel] CVS messes up line terminators (CR LF -> NL)
Date: 07 Jan 2002 20:09:23 +0100

On Mon, 2002-01-07 at 21:47, Mike Bresnahan wrote:
> I can't find any such options, but I did discover that I get newline line
> endings even when I have specified that the file is binary with -kb.  What
> OS is the cvs server running on?

The pb is purely client side. On the server side, CVS stores text files
as they are commited, ie. CR and LF are kept intact, often leading to
mixed mode text files in the repository. The default behaviour of WinCVS
is to convert incoming (checkout'ed or updated) files to DOS format in
order they are workable with Windows tools (MSVC for instance), and of
course do the inverse conversion when checking in (ie. only sending unix
format text to the repository).

WinCVS has a checkbox 'Checkout files with Unix LF' in the preferences
dialog, and this is a _bad idea_ to activate it. For instance, MSVC will
open unix format files, but will save added text lines in DOS format.
When you'll reopen this mixed format file, it will confuse MSVC and
you'll end up with blank lines scattered in your code.

If you're using CVS from the cygwin distribution, it will behave as it's
unix counterpart, ie. check files as-is. I'm not sure wether cvs is
sensible to the global cygwin setting about text file format ( )

If files have CR in the repository, the proper solution consist in
removing (cvs rm) the file, and re-adding it (cvs add) properly.

However I grepped nel and swnoballs2 source, and I can't find a single
CR. The repository is fine :)

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