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3.8 Bug Fix update

From: Rik
Subject: 3.8 Bug Fix update
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 11:00:16 -0800



The release is getting close because I can see the number of bugs reported
against the GUI is going up as people actually test it.

Here are the bugs and bug categories still left to fix before release:

Bugs with severity >= 4
#40436  median no longer passes make check
#40365  Community news web access should be a user preference
#40242  FLTK + GUI = crash on MacOSX (will this be fixed?  Or will we make
gnuplot the default for Max OS X)

#40333  print with legend modifies axis position (gnuplot)
(A quick hack would be to disable legend updates on the fonsize property. 
The legend box will then no longer change size appropriately when the
fontsize is changed.  Alternatively, we could modify the scripts that build
images for the documentation to use FLTK.  This will require displaying the
image onscreen before printing (no hidden figures for FLTK).  But, it would
only affect the builder of the tarball.  Ordinary users and even system
packagers only need the created images.)

Build System
#40381  MXE / MinGW - setenv does not work correctly (Mostly fixed, but
still one remaining issue with launching octave.)


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