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Re: [Pan-users] ANN: Pan for Windows, Beta 5

From: Paul Hudson
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] ANN: Pan for Windows, Beta 5
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 19:48:36 -0000

Mark Derricutt wrote:
> One of the comments on the group is that
> because Pan doesn't have any scoring ability it sucks and is
> useless...  not really missed scoring but then not used it in ages so
> I've probably forgotten how usefull it can be....

That's the single biggest reason I won't switch any time soon.

I'm a long time Xnews user. Pan's graphically better in every way, but the
rules/filters suck.

I don't read a lot of groups :-) By which I mean I rely *heavily*on
filtering/killfiles/scoring to spot the stuff to read and the stuff to kill,
and read only a few articles in each group. Of the ones I do read, I
probably read only one or two from most threads - when I know the thread
isn't worth reading, I want to kill it quickly - so I badly miss
"mark-thread-read" (and no, something that's several key strokes or a
shift-select or a shift-drag doesn't come close fo convenience.


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