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[Pan-users] Re: Composing regex for Pan

From: Duncan
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: Composing regex for Pan
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:32:41 -0700
User-agent: Pan/ (As She Crawled Across the Table)

John Aldrich posted <address@hidden>, excerpted
below,  on Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:41:04 -0500:

> Bugzilla report #136892 filed for an enhancement requesting a wizard to
> build the filters. Submitted as keywords "usability" and "PATCH_NEEDED"
> ;-) Maybe one of you programmers can write a nifty little wizard
> interface! :-)

??  I see dialogs for building scores, building filters, and building
rules based on filters, already.  For the most part, they even have
drop-down boxes with plain English qualifiers, instead of requiring that
someone know regular expressions, which is what PAN converts it to anyway
(at least for scores and I presume for filters).  What's missing?

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