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RE: [Pan-users] Re: keyboard help

From: M B
Subject: RE: [Pan-users] Re: keyboard help
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 09:06:23 -0500

From: "Duncan" <address@hidden>
"M B" <address@hidden> posted
There's an accels.txt dump in the config dir (~/.pan for <0.90, ~/.pan2
by default >=0.90), loaded (if there) each time pan starts, re-dumped each
time it closes.    [...]
By adding a particular line (I forgot what it was but google is your
friend) to your gtkrc, you can also unlock interactive hotkey setting.

Yes!  How did you know?  Google is my friend!
(though they might be getting to cozy with the feds)
I cant find that just now, but I'll look.

If you'd like, I can re-post my ordered file (for new-pan), saving you
at least that trouble, tho I can't guarantee you'll like my accel scheme.

I think this is you...  I see I'm not the only one asking.
Duncan Thu, 14 Sep 2006 Re: customize keybindings

> I think the options should have a sub-menu or pop-up indicator... a
> minor issue.
I don't quite get your drift, there...

Only that on the menu, there should be little triangle/arrow showing that
this menu item will bring up another menu or dialog box... a small issue.

Yes.  There was talk about a wiki, and it'd be cool and all, but
[...]it'd certainly be more efficient to write some things once and
then simply post a URL to them when necessary, and if
I was more into wikis, or creating manuals or whatever, the pan one would
be pretty decent by now.

So you see how it could save time.  Even if you didnt want to edit it, other
people could create a growing resource that could eventually become a
manual... as opposed to now, where I guess there is no plan for a manual.

>> > How to mark current thread as read?
Check the menus.  On new-pan, it's under the edit menu.  [...]

Ah, "Add threads to selection" D, and Shift-D looks better. Then 'm' to mark
as read.   That's easy enough.  But new articles in the thread will still
show, maybe I should look at scoring.

Thanks again.

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