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[Pan-users] Re: Pan Docs 070101

From: Duncan
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: Pan Docs 070101
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 18:03:50 +0000 (UTC)
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Tim Kynerd <address@hidden> posted
address@hidden, excerpted below, on  Sun, 07 Jan 2007 09:13:12

> All of which is only the tip of a very large iceberg of linguistic
> irritation. ("Tow the line," for example, has been annoying me for years.)

The one that I suppose I deliberately still use "wrong" is "that begs the
question."  I use as the literal meaning of the words, which I'm told is
incorrect, tho it's becoming a semi-accepted usage (as is "tow the line")
because it's so common.  If they don't /mean/ to "beg" the question, why
is it /phrased/ as if they do?  Proper meaning, smopper meaning, I'm using
the literal meaning in my writing, and anyone that doesn't like it, can go
read someone else's writing!  This isn't Composition 101, this is Real
Life (R).

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"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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