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Re: [Pan-users] Re: clearing headers?

From: Timothy Hamilton
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: clearing headers?
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008 23:01:14 -0400

On Friday October 3 2008 21:42:56 Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Oct 2008 01:37:52 pm walt wrote:
> > I left your html intact so you can see why we avoid html.
> I avoid HTML by using an email client that understands about multipart
> messages and defaults to displaying the text version instead of the
> HTML version. But I see that <address@hidden>'s email doesn't
> include a plain text version. That's VERY naughty of Verizon's Webmail.
> Tell me Timothy, a.k.a. address@hidden, did you choose your email
> address or was it forced on you by Verizon? I've never heard anyone
> with anything nice to say about Verizon, but this is the first time
> I've knowingly seen email from a Verizon address. It looks like they're
> even more clueless and obnoxious than Australia's BigPond and Optusnet.

I use gmail for private email. I subscribed to the pan listerserv with my 
verizon email. As I said, I was having issues with Kmail, and I wanted to know 
if there was an easier way to clear headers without starting from scratch. So, 
I logged into the Verizon & mischief & bad manners followed.

As far as Verizon as an ISP goes... I was nonplussed about their decision to 
castrate their Usenet servers. Getting the account set up was hell. We just 
moved from Arkansas to Massachusetts. No phone books and no tv. I found the 
Verizon Yellowpages. But guess what? I couldn't find the number to call to 
order new service. Eventually, after several maddening calls to customer 
service, I finally managed to get service ordered.

My overall experience is that their customer service sucks. It is poorly 
organized. Techs seem to have no training apart from their narrow specialty. 
BUT once service is up & running. Hassle free, up 24/7. I had Verizon DSL in 
Brooklyn several years ago for about 4 years. Same deal. Horrible, horrible 
customer service but rock steady DSL.

Also, I ended up using the DSL modem from my ISP in Arkansas, because it was 
impossible to use OpenDNS with their DSL-Modem/Router.

As far as their web mail goes, though, I try really hard not to use it because 
it's not at all obvious how to change between HTML and plain text. If someone 
knows, I'd appreciate hints.

 I don't know if that answers your question. 


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