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Re: [pdf-devel] Text module unit tests failing

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: [pdf-devel] Text module unit tests failing
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 13:28:11 +0200
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   > Do that means that the initialization of the text module will fail if
   > LC_ALL= C or LC_ALL = POSIX?

   We need to know which is the correct LANG and COUNTRY of the user
   in the text module, as a PDF string can contain that information
   embedded. What we could do is just assume it to be "en_US" if none

   We also need to know the 'host encoding' of the user from the
   locale. If none available, we could assume it to be UTF-8.

   But I don't usually like to make assumptions. It's probably better to
   return an error code so that the user knows that the locale is not
   correctly set.

Then a LC_ALL = C is not like any other locale.. well, at least we
should communicate the user what is wrong in the initialization of the

   > To have such locale configured is quite common. We should be able to
   > communicate the user what the problem is, so would be good to add a
   > new status return value to 'pdf_text_init' like
   > 'PDF_E_BADLOCALE'. What do you think?

   Sure, there is no problem to add that, but anyway it will break the unit
   tests when LC_ALL=C.

   Do you want me to add a sporadic flyspray task for this?


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