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Re: System file reorganisation

From: Neil Hotmail
Subject: Re: System file reorganisation
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:22:28 -0000

| Oops, sorry. I didn't apply them because I didn't like them at first
| and when I asked Ingo over IM he didn't like the way System is implented
| As always when a task may be done by a group of people no one will do it.
| We didn't really come to a solution but it may be better to implement
| with the Strategy pattern. That way it'll be way more flexible and easier
| adapt to new targets.

I disagree, the strategy pattern (from my limited understanding) is
appropriate when the choice between strategy's is made at run time, but when
the choice is made at compile time I think the following "pattern" is more

Have one foo.hxx file with the interface, and good comments as to the
purpose of each of the interface.
Have one foo.cxx file which implements methods that call system specific
things in foo, but which may be reimplemented as system specific
Have one foo_<system>.cxx for each system it is ported to, with the
implementation of the remaining methods.


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