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Re: [playogg-discuss] playogg/faq: unclear phrase

From: Oleg Koptev
Subject: Re: [playogg-discuss] playogg/faq: unclear phrase
Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 08:56:12 +0400

2010/5/4 ineiev <address@hidden>
Now we can discuss the motives of that man if you wish: why may he
want to keep the software proprietary?
(which is slightly off-topic).
Completely off-topic, but anyway:
#1 he/she may have strong POV on development and style of project.
#2 he/she may have plans to sell that piece of software in future.
#3 he/she may have eccentric mind and don't want to share. Oddish, but have chance to be.
i can continue.

Again (out of curiosity), because you can't imagine any reason
they might have or because you have some other proof?
For example - I know them personally.

Sorry, I can't catch your words. EULA written by the end user? I always
think that EULA's are written by the companies...

Sure. and the end user have no say there. no free-will.

Free-will is will to choose. You have will to not agree with EULA and press 'No' 'Quit' in anytime.
If those clauses included in EULA, it is problems of end-user if he's not
give full attention to what he 'Agree, Continue' :) That's legal education
issue I think.

Nonetheless, an unconscious free-will assignment is nonsense.

Unconscious acts often leads to no good.

I don't think the punishment is a strong guarantee.
just my personal point of view.

:) Strong guarantee may give only god. Do you remember '640 kb will be enough for all'?

Never mind. the person who runs the campaign is a native speaker, he'll fix the linguistic issues easily.

Sure. If he will that'll be great.

Regards and long live to Ogg, open-source and open-mind. Oleg

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