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[psynth-user] installing this app

From: andu novac
Subject: [psynth-user] installing this app
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 22:29:31 +0200

I've tried A LOT of variants to install Psychosynth with no luck. I
run Debian Wheezy  and Ubuntu 11.10 and just reinstalled Squeeze,
there are problems with all. All info on your site is useless in my
case, please provide a distro+recipe+whatever_is_needed so that one
can install and run this app.

I don't really understand why you chose to make this app in 3d (aside
from complicating life) when the three-dimnsionality of it is, for all
practical purposes, useless. There is a 2D variant for iOS and Android
(sold by Reactable) and Psychosynth could've been the more advanced
version for desktop but hell, aside from a couple of youtube demos I
found more complains then kudos while searching the net for a
installation recipe.

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