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Re: [Qemu-devel] USB Tablet Emulation

From: Brad Campbell
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] USB Tablet Emulation
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 20:08:08 +0400
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Leonardo E. Reiter wrote:
Sorry about that...  Brad, very well done!

Ta :)
Anthony did a great job doing the stuff I'm knaff at (making clean and mergable code) and the sdl hookups.
I just hacked the hid stuff (about 150 win2k reboots in there).

It works with Win98 also, but Win98 seems to want a slightly different hid config or wants 0-ffff rather than 0-7fff. I'm playing with that..

The wheel works in SDL although there is currently a bug where it steps by 2 instead of 1.. so it's ok for scrolling, but scrolling through a selection box causes it to skip every second selection.
I've not tested the wheel with the vnc patch yet. I'll get to those tonight..

On another note, I'm looking over the USB HID spec to better understand the boot-time device constraints. I doubt you can use an absolute coordinate tablet as a boot-time mouse that actually reports positions in absolute terms, but maybe it's possible. It's not a big deal, just cosmetic really - to be able to use the tablet at OS install/early boot time, before more complex drivers are loaded. I'm not sure how possible this is, but the USB HID spec seems to imply it.

Yes, there are tight boot time constraints.. and no from what I can find the hid required to meet them won't work with abs coordinates. if you absolutely *had* to do that, perhaps there might be a way of switching mice on the fly.. virtual unplug mouse and replug tablet, or enable ps2 for boot and then some way of causing a tablet plug in at the appropriate time..

I'm not sure the bochs bios handles legacy usb though, so I feel its somewhat of a moot point, as you *need* the OS usb drivers loaded to even pick up a legacy usb mouse device.

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