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Re: Ratpoison FAQ2 (Re: [RP] Dead keys now working / Documentation)

From: Scott Barron
Subject: Re: Ratpoison FAQ2 (Re: [RP] Dead keys now working / Documentation)
Date: Thu Oct 17 11:53:04 2002
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On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 11:23:44AM -0700, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 03:21:08PM +0200, Joost Kremers wrote:
> It may be a KDE issue, but it's perfectly legitimate for our Ratpoison
> FAQ.  I had a HELL of a time figuring out in Mandrake how to add a
> window manager to the list that kdm and gdm allow you to choose from
> when logging into KDE or GNOME.  I don't have access to the Mandrake box
> anymore, so if anyone wants to write the solution to that one up and add
> it to the FAQ, that would be great.

For Mandrake see the RPMs I posted earlier today.  I can also write up
how to do this manually (I personally use one I did manually that just
runs ~/.xsession so I don't have to futz with it) and post it.  It's
pretty simple but not immediately intuitive if you're not familiar with

For RedHat, or others really, I have no idea.  I have a 7.3 box here at
work but I don't know what they're doing in 8.0 (I think they switched
up to gdm2).


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