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Re: [RP] Mouse cursor disappears in some programs

From: Ingo Krabbe
Subject: Re: [RP] Mouse cursor disappears in some programs
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 06:02:21 +0200
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On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 12:16:53AM +0300, sermag wrote:
> Hi!
> Although I have used Ratpoison only for a short time I have to admit 
> that I quite like it. Everything works fine except there is one glitch 
> and I hope that you can help me fix it.
> When I launch programs like Deluge and Liferea (and some other) my mouse 
> cursor disappears. I can highlight, select and click on things but only 
> blindly. When I press Ctrl-T the mouse cursor shows up (as a box instead 
> of the default appearance of course) but if I cancel this mode it again 
> disappears. In other programs, e.g. Firefox, the mouse cursor shows up 
> fine and does not disappear. But when I am presented with a file 
> download location selection window in Firefox the mouse cursor again 
> disappears.
> I have searched on Google for a solution for this problem but could not 
> find any relevant information. The Ratpoison IRC channel was fairly 
> quiet on this problem (but I have to admit that maybe I didn't stay 
> there long enough).
> I doubt that this has anything to do with my .ratpoisonrc because this 
> problem exists even without a .ratpoisonrc present.
> If any more information is needed I'll be happy to supply it.

Hi Sergey,

actually I don't think ratpoison hides the mouse itself at all, but
there are some programs that do so, as terminal programs or some editors
might hide the mouse while you type.

Try to tune some settings with your graphics card (hardware cursor) or
your environment (kde or gnome or whatever settings).  Also test an
alternative window manager, if the mouse cursor hides there too.

Since Liferea seems to use xulrunner, the problem might be quite the same,
as with firefox.

Also try to switch input focus with the tab key. I assume this mouse
cursor hiding might have something to do with your input context. Maybe
its some accessibility setting.

bye ingo

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