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Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen

From: JCA
Subject: Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 11:06:54 -0700

* JCA <address@hidden> [2005-06-21 14:06 -0700]:
> How can screen be used so that, when the notebook is brought back from
> its dormant state, whatever ssh sessions it had active with the server,
> at the time the notebook was put to sleep, are automatically
> re-established?
> In your shell, do:
> $ while true; do ssh otherhost; done
> It sounds like that's basically what you want. 

   Is it not the case that this would reconnect, but spawning a new
shell? I would like to reconnect to the same shell, which might be
running other applications.

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