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Re: Terminal resize problem

From: J. Bakshi
Subject: Re: Terminal resize problem
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 13:16:37 +0530
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On 02/11/2010 12:53 PM, Ciprian Dorin, Craciun wrote:
>> BTW: The problem is not there if I don't use hardstatus  and I need
>> hardstatus as I generally open a no. of session
>     Hy there.
>     I have a similar problem with my setup. (I use an
> "auto-maximizing" window manager (i3, and before that ion3), and when
> I open a terminal (rxvt-unicode), with screen in it, screen thinks
> that the size of the terminal is smaller (80x25?), but after I press
> any key and the program redraws something the correct size is found.
> (This happens only about 33% of the times.)) (I use the latest (or at
> least quite new version) of screen (from ArchLinux).)
>     I've tried to solve this problem myself with commands like resize,
> fit, height, width, etc. No success. The only solution (which I don't
> find satisfying, but annoying) is to put a 'sleep 1' in my screen.rc,
> and I've solved the problem. (But every time I open a console I have
> to stare 1 second at it...)
>     Any feedback to our problems? :)
>     Thanks,
>     Ciprian.


I am confident that the problem is due to hardstatus.  I have tested a
no. of times and found the hardstatus disobey the resize.  I have put
"sleep 1" at .screenrc as you did but no success.

Really like to hear for a fix


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