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[Swarm-support] MinGW also no longer easy to use with Swarm

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: [Swarm-support] MinGW also no longer easy to use with Swarm
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 14:04:57 -0800
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On my new computer, I installed the latest version of Msys and MinGW, the Unix-like environment and compiler that let you compile Windows executables of Swarm models:

I did not however pay attention to what version of the gcc compiler it contains, being just happy that my Swarm code would compile and run.

But eventually I noticed that my model results did not correspond with those produced on other machines... it turns out MinGW now comes with gcc 6.*, whereas Swarm is happy with <= 4.6. It produced code that ran but produced bad results.

There are very simple, easy instructions on the web for replacing the MinGW compiler with an older version of gcc, but when I tried it the system could no longer even find the compiler.

There are also on the web old versions of MinGW, but no explanation of how to install and use them, and I failed at that too.

But I did learn that you can just copy an old version from one computer to another, and it works. The programs are not really installed in the Windows registry.

So I put a version of MinGW that has a compiler compatible with Swarm on my web page:
and put a note about it on the Swarm wiki.

Steve R.

Steve Railsback
Lang Railsback & Associates
Arcata, California

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