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Re: [Swarmfest2007] light bulb!

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2007] light bulb!
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 08:03:28 -0700
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Marcus G. Daniels wrote:
Here's a cool idea for a keynote speaker -- Doug Roberts. While Doug is most famous for setting up the blog (http://lanl-the-real-story.blogspot.com) that in large part took down the former LANL director, Pete Nanos, he also is well known for his work on large scale simulation, esp. EpiSims

You're going to have to save some of these LANL guys until next year, when we arm-twist the folks at Arizona to host. But having several different featured speakers sprinkled through the meeting worked well last year; at least it kept people coming back to the room after the breaks.

I probably forgot to mention that I also asked Tim Kohler about speaking and he said "maybe", depending on his travel to another conference. I'll check with him again.

Anyway, we have a call for papers that will soon be at the conference web site: http://condor.depaul.edu/~slytinen/SwarmFest2007/SwarmCallforPapers/swarmcallforpapers.html
I'm attaching a PDF of the most recent draft (which is not yet on the web).


Steve Railsback
Lang, Railsback & Associates
Arcata, California

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