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[ToutDoux-list] Re: toutdoux translations, discussing

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Re: toutdoux translations, discussing
Date: 24 Mar 2003 21:01:37 +0100
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> a tapoté :

> I think the situation is that there are two translation projects, and
> both are willing to work on ToutDoux for you.  But if they both try to
> work on ToutDoux simultaneously, they will get in each other's way,
> duplicate effort, etc.  So it would be best to choose one or the
> other.  Either choice is ok.  Which one do you prefer?

According to Chistian, both choice have differents implications.

Christian question was:

        "So, we need to know how to proceed. The decision is up to you
        - are you moving to GNOME and want to use the GNOME cvs, or
        are you more comfortable with toutdoux being independantly
        developed as it is now? "

Philippe answer about moving to GNOME cvs is no. 

Christian added:
        "In the first case, we should help you apply for a cvs account
        ( etc., in
        the second case we should help you set up toutdoux in the TP
        and import existing translations there."

It means that the GNOME option means moving to the GNOME cvs. So
the solution is clearly the TP. 

IMHO, saying  "I'm sure that Philippe has nothing against importating
data in the Translation Project. " gives an answer to "which one you
do you prefer", Richard.

If it's important for someone, I'll call Philippe to tell him to send
a confirmation mail, as he didn't read his mails that much.

He didn't because I told him what I previously wrote and he was fine
with it.

I never meant to offense Christian, and I'm sure he doesn't mean to
offense anyone too. I also think we already reached a agreement. Even
with an imperfect English it's still possible to talk.
It's also possible to disagree about some points, that's not a problem
as long as we can talk.

Even you Richard disagree with some people and do not reach an
agreement. We're in a human word and nothing is perfect. Approching
perfection is, in my humble opinion, not possible without
discussions. What really matter is how ideas can progress and the only 
real valid reason to stop a discussion, in my humble opinion, is a
potential lack of respect (which stop ideas progressionà. I think
we're not in that case. Are we, Christian?


Mathieu Roy
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