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[ToutDoux-list] Re: toutdoux translations, discussing

From: Christian Rose
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Re: toutdoux translations, discussing
Date: 25 Mar 2003 00:47:24 +0100

mån 2003-03-24 klockan 21.01 skrev Mathieu Roy:
> I never meant to offense Christian, and I'm sure he doesn't mean to
> offense anyone too. I also think we already reached a agreement. Even
> with an imperfect English it's still possible to talk.
> It's also possible to disagree about some points, that's not a problem
> as long as we can talk.
> Even you Richard disagree with some people and do not reach an
> agreement. We're in a human word and nothing is perfect. Approching
> perfection is, in my humble opinion, not possible without
> discussions. What really matter is how ideas can progress and the only 
> real valid reason to stop a discussion, in my humble opinion, is a
> potential lack of respect (which stop ideas progressionà. I think
> we're not in that case. Are we, Christian?

My intent was never to have a discussion! My intent was to have a simple
answer on the question "are you fine with using the TP or do you want to
use the GTP?", in order to know what to do with the existing
translations and where to direct interested translators in the future.
Discussing general project plans is up to the maintainers, my interest
is just what translation project Toutdoux will use and a simple answer
to that question.

It seems we finally have an answer (and I will send you a tarball with
the existing translations in a seperate mail), but it's very sad that it
had to take so much unnecessary discussion to get a simple answer.
Toutdoux is not the only non-GNOME-cvs application that we are removing
from the GTP in order to not to conflict with the TP, but all other
maintainers that have replied managed to do so with simple answers,
telling me that it was ok for them to use the TP, that their application
was dead, or that they would move to GNOME cvs.


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