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Re: patch to add autotests for Erlang macros

From: Romain Lenglet
Subject: Re: patch to add autotests for Erlang macros
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 22:57:36 +0900
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On Thursday 23 July 2009 21:49:18 Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Romain Lenglet on 7/21/2009 7:20 AM:
> >> A big thanks for this - it is long overdue.  I don't have an erlang
> >> interpreter handy on my primary development machine; do you have a URL
> >> to a tarball so I can try building one and to this a bit more
> >> thoroughly?
> >
> > There are packages for most distributions.
> > There are source tarballs there:
> >
> > Any version downloadable from there is OK. All are stable.
> I still haven't played with installing it, but thanks for the link.
> > I attached a new patch which takes into account your other comments
> > below.
> I've tweaked it a bit (I renamed the helper macro AT_SETUP_ERLANG, then
> simplified its use; added comments to visually separate test groups; and
> ensured that all the Erlang tests run with make check TESTSUITEFLAGS='-k
> Erlang), then applied.  I confirmed that all tests that require an Erlang
> interpreter are skipped on machines without one.  Please validate that the
> latest autoconf.git passes for you.

Thanks a lot, it works fine for me.

I have finished cleaning my patch to make the macros testable with 
AT_CHECK_MACRO / AT_CHECK_ENV. You were right, there were 2 problems:

1) The macros define variables without the ac_.* and AC_.* prefixes. I have 
renamed the erlang_cv_.* variables into ac_cv_erlang_.*, and added the 
ERLANG_.* variables in the list of exceptions in AT_CHECK_ENV.

2) Some files were left over by the compiler and the tests: conftest.beam and 
conftest.out. I now delete them properly.

This allows us to test all the macros using AT_CHECK_MACRO, which is much 
cleaner and concise.
Cf. the attached diff against the latest master branch.
Sorry for the delay for sending you that patch!

Romain Lenglet

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