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Re: Success (mostly) with the testsuite

From: Daniele Arena
Subject: Re: Success (mostly) with the testsuite
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 16:55:57 +0200 (CEST)

Hello everybody,

I might be able to test autoconf on some platforms (BSDI, Solaris, Alpha,
AIX...), as long as it does not involve spending a night doing that, but I
think i missed some information:

- Which version of autoconf do you want to be tested? The version on, autoconf-2.49a, dates of August 11. Or
should I checkout the CVS tree somehow?

- What is the exact procedure for the test? Does it only involve compiling
autoconf for the platform and then doing the commands described below
(where I interpret "cc" as being the proprietary compiler for the specific

- Does a host need to respect any system characteristics (e.g. patches),
or what are the special characteristics you want to know for the host?

- Any supplementary information you might want to give.

I'm willing to be a testbench, but I would like my tests to be useful, so
these details would be most welcome.




On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello, David!
> > What would you like done on what version of Autoconf and what version of 
> > Solaris 
> > and do you want the native compiler tested or will GCC be ok?
> > 
> > Let me know and I'll see what can be done.
> Well, I just realized that even
> make SHELL=/bin/ksh CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ksh check
> won't prevent "configure" from being run by /bin/sh. Only config.status
> would be run by /bin/ksh. Time to retest everything :-(
> So, for now please run the following:
> make check
> CC=cc make check
> Ignore 4 errors in update.m4
> I'm sure that the testsuite will be in a better shape very soon, but it's
> very important to catch real errors on really used systems (i.e. with your
> shell and your compiler) as soon as possible.
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

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