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Re: conftest files

From: Christopher Hulbert
Subject: Re: conftest files
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 18:10:27 -0400

On 8/11/06, Albert Chin <address@hidden> wrote:
On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 08:52:00AM -0400, Christopher Hulbert wrote:
> I have a problem when compiling with intraprocedural analysis flags
> (currently with the PGI compilers, I haven't checked other IPA/IPO
> capable compilers) where after testing for a library with AC_TRY_LINK,
> I test for another library. The first library was compiled with IPA
> information, so the PGI compiler creates some updated IPA information
> for the conftest. When testing for the next library compiled without
> IPA information, it doesn't overwrite the original IPA file and gets
> an undefined symbol resulting from the first library.
> So, to boil that confusion down, is there any way (other than issuing
> an explicit rm -f *conftest* in my autoconf function) to make sure all
> conftest files are deleted?

Presumably, the IPA information is stored in the directory of the
test. Why not create a shell script that wraps the compiler executable
that removes these temporary files? Then, rebuild with:
  ./configure CC=<path to IPA-compiler wrapper> ...

I guess because the only place I see it useful is in the configure
when testing libraries. It would also exhibit a problem to end-users
that would require them to read a readme file and follow the
instructions :)!  Anyways, I put "rm -f *conftest*" at the end of my
autoconf macro definition and it seems to work fine on linux. I guess
I'll deal with other platforms as they exhibit problems. I was just
wondering if there was a more "portable"  way of making sure that all
test files were removed.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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