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Re: conftest files

From: Stepan Kasal
Subject: Re: conftest files
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 11:55:34 +0200
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> >On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 08:52:00AM -0400, Christopher Hulbert wrote:
> >> information, so the PGI compiler creates some updated IPA information
> >> for the conftest. When testing for the next library compiled without
> >> IPA information, it doesn't overwrite the original IPA file and gets
> >> an undefined symbol resulting from the first library.

at the end of AC_LINK_IFELSE (formerly AC_TRY_LINK), the generated
files are deleted.  What is the name of the filei(s) with IPA
information?  Perhaps it should be deleted, too.

Have a nice day,
        Stepan Kasal

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