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Re: failed tests AC_CHECK_LIB

From: Matej Tyc
Subject: Re: failed tests AC_CHECK_LIB
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 23:40:56 +0200

> Then you need to use a macro that allows for specifying a header to
> include.  You can write one yourself, or try AC_CHECK_FUNC_IN from the
> autoconf macro archive.

Thanks Brian,
unfortunatelly the macro you proposed is broken at the moment, but I
have notified the developer, so hopefully, it is going to work.
By the way, do you have an idea what's the cause of this failiure? It is
quite annoying since one can't use AC_SEARCH_LIBS that is so useful when
Somebody has been fighting with a similar issue here:
unfortunatelly, the conclusion does not apply here...

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