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Re: Server Adjustments

From: Glus Xof
Subject: Re: Server Adjustments
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 18:59:09 +0100

>> What should I do in my ?... Would be necessary to make
>> changes in my ?
> Apologies for perhaps excess snippage: the discussion is about
> using the autotools to install in system directories.
> I would make no changes to or,
> as you're looking in the wrong place.  The type of questions
> you're asking are more appropriate for the package
> management system, and you should be making changes to
> your spec file and your debian/rules file, etc.

Sorry ??!,

Maybe I asking to a wrong list...If so, excuse me, but I don't know
which is the better.

In this moment, I'm wonder what is, then, the purpose of "make
install" processes ?. I always believed that those, with root rigths,
take files and put (copy) them to the right place in the system
directories... doesn't it?

The other question is that, me as a programmer, I need to know anyway
the path of the server configuration file to let the server, at
runtime, get its parameters... I don't know if there is a better way.
I don't know...


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