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Re: Server Adjustments

From: Steffen DETTMER
Subject: Re: Server Adjustments
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:13:00 +0100
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* Glus Xof wrote on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 18:59 +0100:
> > I would make no changes to or,
> > as you're looking in the wrong place.  The type of questions
> > you're asking are more appropriate for the package
> > management system, and you should be making changes to
> > your spec file and your debian/rules file, etc.
> Sorry ??!,
> Maybe I asking to a wrong list...If so, excuse me, but I don't know
> which is the better.
> In this moment, I'm wonder what is, then, the purpose of "make
> install" processes ?. I always believed that those, with root rigths,
> take files and put (copy) them to the right place in the system
> directories... doesn't it?

As the others already told, this isn't the purpose of make
install; I think it is not intended/suited to be used by system
distribution packagers. Major differences are that
distribution packages that include /etc/init.d files and alike
first form a hierachy with package installation dependencies,
version management and on linux usually are distributed in
binary form. With RPM, you can install a source RPM but this
does not compile (it just installed the source tarball).
The distribution package (I mean the package of the linux
distribution, such as an RPM) can also include scripts to be
executed (to check/update config files) and usually is smart
about config files (RPM does not overwrite config files as soon
as they are changed by maintaining an MD5 database and creates
the file with an .rpmnew extention).

So rules to handle /etc/init.d should be inside the RPM
package.spec or appropriate .deb, ipkg or whatever mechanism the
distribution uses, I think.

> The other question is that, me as a programmer, I need to know
> anyway the path of the server configuration file to let the
> server, at runtime, get its parameters... I don't know if there
> is a better way.  I don't know...

I think, usually the maintainer of the distribution (who usually
creates the packages) can use some configure switch to compile in
the default names of the directories/files appropriate for the
distribution (let it be /etc/package/*.conf or somewhere in /opt
or /usr/local/etc).

I hope I'm right with what I claim here :)
Corrections appreciated!



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