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Re: Library creation command

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: Library creation command
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:37:57 -0700

Matthias Dietrich wrote:

> Unfortunately we run into a big problem. Automake assumes
> that a library is built by calling "ar cru" and at least
> one of our machine has a toolset where "ar" is not
> available. We have another tool to build a library, it's not
> called "ar" and it doesn't take "cru" as arguments.
> Just to give you a little more information: this machine is
> an embedded system on which we cannot run the compiler,
> linker, etc. We need to cross compile from another workstation.
> On this workstation a local "ar" is available but it breaks
> the object files for our embedded system. So I really need to
> use the platform-specific tool to build libraries.
> I found that replacing "ar" is possible by inserting
> AC_SUBST(AR) into the file and then setting
> AR to my tool. But the "cru" parameters seem to be hardcoded
> into automake.

May I recommend a shell script that takes the "cru" argument
and invokes the appropriate tool with the appropriate args?

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