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Re: delete aclocal.m4? keep generated files on cvs server? enforce spece

From: Simon Richter
Subject: Re: delete aclocal.m4? keep generated files on cvs server? enforce specefic automake/conf version?
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:02:58 +0200
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> Should I include aclocal.m4 in MAINTAINERCLEANFILES, and regenerate it
> every time i regenerate the built files? (runs

Usually I don't care about that file. It will be regenerated every time
someone calls aclocal, so there is no need to clean it out.

> Is it advisable to keep the generated configure and friends on the cvs
> server, or should I run make maintainer-clean before I commit/import?

That depends on your taste. Personally, I don't put them in CVS, since
everyone who uses CVS should know what they are doing and that they are
supposed to run, and it clutters up the diffs and generates
needless conflicts.

Usually I use an like this, works on most systems:

#! /bin/sh -ex
aclocal-1.7 -I m4 || aclocal-1.6 -I m4 || aclocal -I m4
automake-1.7 -a || automake-1.6 -a || automake -a

As you probably have found out, setting the x bit before the cvs add
will make cvs set the x bit on every checked out version too, which
makes it easier for everyone.

> And last, but not least. ;) How is the proper way to enforce specific
> automake/autoconf versions in the script?

AC_PREREQ() for autoconf and
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() for automake. The docs tell you more about this. :-)


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