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Re: Extending automake

From: Chris Lee
Subject: Re: Extending automake
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 15:47:36 -0400
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I would really appreciate keeping holy wars out of the discussion; I
fail to see how your view of the dichotomy between GNOME and KDE has
anything to do with what I asked.

Whether or not the GNOME people like it isn't my business; I would like
to get rid of the crufty implementation we have accumulated as our build
system, and I'd like to do it in a way that uses the standard mechanisms
provided for extending automake, while still providing backwards
compatibility if at all possible. I'm just terribly confused at the
moment by the .am files in my /usr/share/automake directory, so I
thought I would ask if anyone here could point me to something that
might enlighten me.

Even removing the ability to provide the foo_METASOURCES = AUTO would be
fine with me if I could at least do 'foo_METASOURCES = foo.moc bar.moc'
but at the moment I still don't quite grok how to do that.


Jan Kratochvil wrote:

This is the reason there is Gnome and there is KDE. Each has its own processes,
each goes in its own style.

KDE uses the quick&dirty way of coding to get the job done.
Gnome uses your "The Right Way" although it takes more effort to code it
(at least in the short-term).

I doubt any GNU and/or Gnome people are going to accept such horrible hacks
like some autoscanning of wildcarded sources.

I think it is right these two environments live separated to each other.
Possible replies smell with flaming so I welcome no replies at all.

Lace - Gnome guy

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