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[avr-gcc-list] Binaries for win32 - under win98 too ?

From: Robert Rozman
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Binaries for win32 - under win98 too ?
Date: Sun Jan 14 11:06:03 2001


I've installed latest win32 binaries. I tried my project that used to
compile with older Volker Oth's binaries under win98 and win2000.

With new binaries it compiles under win2000, but not under win98
('virtual memory exhausted').

Any advice or experience on that ?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Rozman.

-----Izvorno sporoèilo-----
Od: Gunnar Henne <address@hidden>
Za: AVR GCC List <address@hidden>
Datum: 12. januar 2001 9:23
Zadeva: [avr-gcc-list] Binaries for win32 and linux (RPM) available

>I have compiled the development tools for both platforms.
>You can download the linux binaries as single tar.gz files for gcc,
>binutils and libc or as a complete RPM, which installs under
>For your convenience I created a minimal index.html:
>Greetings Gunnar
>Gunnar Henne                      Email: address@hidden
>oTRIs GmbH & Co. KG               Tel. : 0231 / 10616-21
>Landgrafenstr. 153                Fax. : 0231 / 10615-44
>44139 Dortmund
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