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Re: [avr-gcc-list] What IDE are people using?

From: Alfred Meixner
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] What IDE are people using?
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:18:45 +0200

I used kdevelop (www.kdevelop.org) with Linux KDE-Desktop for several 
projects (embedded applications with RT-Linux) and I found it very useful. It 
has all I want from an IDE (Editor with Syntax high lighting, jump to 
erroneous lines, project management, debugger ....). Since it is possible to 
configure the compiler you want to use, it should be not too difficult to 
adopt it to avr-gcc (I have not done it yet). 
At least it should be possible to choose the project option "own project" an 
write your own make file. If anybody is successful, please let me know.
Alfred Meixner

A. Meixner, h.a.l.m. elektronik GmbH, 60316 Frankfurt
email: address@hidden
avr-gcc-list at http://avr1.org

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