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RE: [avr-gcc-list] AVaRICE and gdb windows port

From: Marc Wetzel
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] AVaRICE and gdb windows port
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:33:22 +0100

A detailed description will follow...
(right now I'm writing this while I'm at work, so expect minor glitches

What you have to do:

Install cygwin latest (tcltk should be installed(i don't remember), and
perhaps the complete develop-tree)
Get insight+gdb out of cvs from redhat (no patches needed for the cvs
version from yesterday).
./configure --target=avr
make;make install -i
(I had to ignore some errors, if I remember right, in the documentation

Get nescc out of the sourceforge cvs
Follow the instructions. (first exec this kind little Bootstrap script)
./configure TINYOS=anypath_youneed_-_it_is_not_critical

cd to the gdb subdir
Copy avarice.exe to the directory /usr/bin or any place you like

Running the two together:

First start avarice with
$ avarice -j /dev/ttyS[your com port here eg. ttyS0] 4242
Startup insight (-> avr-insight normally in /usr/local/bin)
Setup insight to use the right IP and port and that it should upload
your binary first 
Connect to target and...

...have fun.


> Hello Marc,
> As probably every user of Avr-Gcc I am missing a decent 
> debugger under Windows environment. You know, AvrStudio is 
> very buggy and practical unusable, because structure 
> watching, variable watchin is nearly impossible.
> As I have read, you somehow managed to get GDB+INSIGHT+JTAG 
> working under Cygwin(W2000). I would appreciate if you could 
> post the instructions on how to do that. It would help me a lot !
> Thanks in advance !
> Marko Panger

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